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Thursday, March 29, 2012

I thought I would share some pictures of people who have visited us since Blair has been home! It has been so wonderful having people stop by. I love interacting with people from "the outside." It helps me to feel in touch with the world. :) Things can get kind of lonely when at home with Blair all day every day. I really do look forward to the little things such as getting out and exercising, going on errands with my mom, going to doctor's appointments, and getting pedicures (our first one is this Friday!). 

great grandma bushman

For the most part I have been able to entertain myself while at home because there is so much to do with our new house. I have never been the type of person to complain of boredom and I spend everyday of my summer vacation busying myself with projects, organizing things, gardening etc. However, now that baby is here I'm not as able to get things done. Sometimes I don't even want to start a project or task because I know I won't be able to finish (I blame the dirty bathroom on this). It's a weird feeling and one that I am not used to. I now know why having mommy groups (such as MOPS or stroller strides etc) is going to be important for me. Having social interaction in which the conversation is not one sided (Hi, Blair, you're so pretty! This little piggy went to the market...) is important for my sanity. 

great aunt barbara

This feeling of loneliness will surely fade soon when I am able to get out of the house (right now B can't ride in her car seat unsupervised because she's not "term" yet). It will be nice when I can run my own errands and feel productive again. Unfortunately most of my errands consist of finding pieces for our new home which requires money and I really need to be sticking to a (gasp!) budget. 

aunt tiffany and uncle kevin

Along with feeling a tad lonely I briefly mentioned to my mommy friend Danielle last night that I also feel like I'm not able to glorify God anymore. I just feel so cut off from the world and unable to do any work for His kingdom. She said she had the same feeling when her boys were born and encouraged me to read this article. I absolutely love what the article said and will be keeping it in a safe place with easy access. It was important for me to realize that raising Blair up to be a woman of God is glorifying to Christ. I need to remember how many people she will interact with in her life and that what she learns about God's love now from me can affect others eternity.

my good friend Dani

As you can see I've had lots to think about while home with my little girl. I'm really looking forward to "getting out" into the real world again but am loving every moment with sweet Blair. She is just precious and I can't stop kissing her! Speaking of kissing, this Saturday is mine and M's 5 wedding anniversary! I almost completely forgot so it's a good thing that we already celebrated in Maui! However, I think M and I will be going out to sushi to celebrate. I'm excited because I haven't had sushi in nine months! B will be joining us I think so I will let you know how her first restaurant experience goes!


  1. Gosh, I know how isolating it can be when you're home alone and don't have the human interaction. I babysat for a friend who would literally do anything just to escape to yoga in the morning. It's the little things! Happy 5 Years of marriage...what a blessing! xo

  2. I remember having the same feeling of loneliness... It will definitely fade especially in a few weeks when you both can get out more. Don't forget that your body is trying to also heal from childbirth and lack of sleep... So that makes all your hormones Act even crazier!!! You will feel much better soon I promise!!! Just keep kissing and loving on your sweet little angel cuz these moments will fly by!!!


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