Day 5

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Today when we arrived at the NICU Blair's team of doctors were having their pow-wow and filled us in on her progress. She still had her "trunk" on (the breathing machine) but they are hoping to have it removed sometime tomorrow. I really hope this is the case because she just looks so uncomfortable with it on and I just want to see her sweet face!

Overall she is making good progress, but slow progress. Her breathing is stabling out but it's hard to say just when she will be able to go home. There are goals that she has to meet to be allowed home. She will be put on the lowest breathing machine and has to maintain good numbers there, then maintain good numbers onust room air, then maintain good numbers when breathing on her own. She also has to show that she can nurse without any rapid chest movement. These seem like daunting tasks to me now but I know God will give her the strength to do it. All in His timing. 

This morning I was able to have more "skin to skin" time with my sweet girl. She "pretended" to nurse but wasn't very serious about latching. The nurse said that was just fine for now. We just want to expose her to it. Regardless, I was in heaven. :) Matt also got to have some skin to skin time with Blair. 

Today we also experienced changing our first poopy diaper! Ha, I say "we" but I mean "I." Matt was totally repulsed by her dirty diaper and was backpedaling away from her when he saw what surprise was inside. Blair is a tricky little girl and every time I wiped her clean she would start pooping again in the clean diaper I just laid down! Four diapers later, she finally stopped. Now I know why people use so many diapers for newborns! Oddly enough I enjoyed changing her diaper. I enjoy everything about this girl! 

Blair ended the day getting her "tan" on. She is jaundice so they had to put some shades on her and turn on a UV light so her liver can start working properly. My poor girl officially looks like she is wearing a ski mask at all times. The only thing that ever shows (sometimes) is her mouth. Unless she has a binky in. She has a trunk, sunglasses, and a head wrap. It will be nice to see her face again soon!

Matt and I have continued to get stronger and stronger. Friends, acquaintances, and family have been sending us some of the most uplifting messages ever. Here are a couple of my favorite verses that have helped get me through this time...

"We are glad that when we are weak you are strong. Your restoration is what we pray for." 2 Cor. 13-9

"Fear not for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous hand." Isaiah 41:10

Thank you everyone for your continued prayer and support. Please pray for Blair to get off her current breathing machine and that her breathing remains stable. Pray for a smooth transition into nursing. Pray for Matt and I to have patience with each other (lack of sleep makes this challenging at times), and continued faith in the Lord. Pray that the Lord continues to give us strength and peace. Today we finally laughed while in the NICU and it felt good. Pray that our spirits remain high. 

**many friends and family have been asking about bringing us meals. Since we are rarely home and our schedule changes daily we would prefer to wait till Blair comes home to have meals delivered. We so appreciate all the meal offerings and will gladly take everyone up on it later! I have a friend who will be arranging it all so thank you in advance!


  1. Looks like little Blair is slowly, but surely progressing... glad you guys got to have some skin on skin time with her today :)

    Keep the updates coming!


  2. I've been thinking about you all and your sweet baby girl...happy to hear she is progressing! You sound so strong, which is what she needs! xo

  3. Thinking of you, Matt, and Blair every moment of the day. My thoughts and prayers are with u guys and I hope that little Blair can continue to make good progress and be able to come home with you guys. Continue to stay strong and look to your faith for support. Big hugs!!

  4. just found your blog, and am really enjoying following your story. my heart goes out to you and your family, and i pray that Blair continues to make good progress!

  5. Praying for you every day!! Even with the trunk on, she is so cute and cuddly. I know you are anxious to get her home and have her to yourself. I'll be thinking of you through the weekend and hope to hear good news soon!

  6. My heart goes out to you and your husband, and of course your sweet baby girl. I am keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers. So happy to hear Blair is progressing slowly but surely. She is absolutely cute as a button and the most precious baby girl :) I so admire your strength and the way you are finding hope through your Faith. Hoping and praying for a positive update on Monday :)


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