Photo Sesh

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Yesterday was a big day for little B. She had another lactation appointment because her mother is paranoid about getting the whole breast feeding thing down pat. ;) I came home from the appointment feeling much more confident in my skills and in "plan B" if she just isn't latching. I also learned that when B is about 4 weeks old that we should start introducing a bottle to her for one feeding a day. Hallelujah! M is SO taking one of her night feedings! But M and I both decided that her first bottle will be given to her by one of our parents so that we can go see The Hunger Games in theaters. Priorities. :)

As I mentioned earlier this week B had an awesome photo shoot with my girlfriend Carrie. Below are just 3 pictures of about a million of the ones she took. Can't even wait to see all of them and get some framed for B's room. 

As you can tell things are looking up around here. Each day I feel more confident and capable that I can figure out this whole mommy thing. I apologize to all my "mommy to be" friends out there whom I totally terrified with Monday's post I'm sure. Every day is different and I never know what to expect, which is part of why it's so scary. But every day has its blessings as well. This morning after I nursed B we climbed into bed and snuggled together for an hour. She was wide awake and laying on her side studying my face. Eventually sleep got the best of both of us but what a blissful experience for me. The Lord blessed me with a sweet baby girl and it's time I stop stressing and start enjoying his wonderful gift!


  1. I appreciate your honesty...I know motherhood is not all rainbows and butterfies! But gosh, those sweet moments make it all worth it, right?? :) Glad things are getting easier and lovin the adorable photos! :)

  2. These pictures are adorable! CONGRATS and ENJOY!

  3. What a wonderful post!! I'm so glad to hear your are embracing these sweet, quiet moments with your beautiful girl. Stressing is SO easy to do in the beginning (and let's get real- throughout their whole lives), but it sounds like stress isn't going to get the best of you now. For too many moms I think we don't realize how amazing this short little stage is until it's all over! So keep up your wonderful perspective, my friend. : )

  4. Just found your delightful blog. You have the most adorable little girl! I completely melted seeing that second photo.


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