Day 4 Home

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

God knew that I could not handle another gnarly day like yesterday. Today was SO good! Blair had her newborn session with my best friend Carrie from 11:30 to 5:00 (ridiculous that we took pictures for that long? not even!). I absolutely can NOT wait to show you her pictures! I was just crooning over B. Here are some lame iphone pics but I wanted to give you an idea of what we did. :) Carrie is a-maz-ing with newborns! She's got a lot of tricks to make them happy!

behind the scenes

little peanut

baby's first wagon ride


Carrie also got to experience first hand the rage that happens to Blair when I breast feed her. She got to see the one hour latch session and had a better understanding of why I've been so emotional.  But then at our next feeding at her studio a miracle happened! Blair was naked from the photo shoot and I had my shirt up so we were skin to skin and lo and behold SHE LATCHED! Then when I fed her again later on she latched AGAIN! I am hopeful that we may have turned the corner with this breast feeding drama. Keep praying that this is a forever thing and not just a fluke. Hopefully it wasn't just a show for Carrie...

So today I was a very happy mama. Good pictures and good breast feeding equals pure joy for me!It's funny how I can go from one extreme emotion to the next. Welcome to postpartum hormones...

Last night was brutal to say the least. I cried almost every time I attempted to feed her because either a.) it hurt or b.) she wouldn't latch for an hour. However, I did feel more rested (because I may have let her sleep on my chest... : / ). One battle at a time. 

We trimmed Blair's nails last night which was traumatic because M accidentally got her skin on one of them. :( I avoided trimming her nails because I knew this was a possibility and didn't want to be the one to hurt her so poor Matt had to take the hit. We felt horrible. :( But I had to remind myself that she is somewhat used to being poked and prodded from her stay at the NICU. 

Last night we also gave B a bath so she could be fresh for her pictures. While it wasn't a pleasant experience, M and I still agreed that it was better than we had anticipated. Here is our little lambie... 

trying to calm our wet lamb after her bath

snuggling with daddy after bath time

- latching while nursing!!!
- having a great photo session. B was such a good girl. 
- zipping up my regular jeans today! 

- telling Carrie that B was peeing all over me only to realize it was my chest leaking...ooops
- B peeing/pooping on Carrie's WHITE blankets. Ooops.
- realizing my regular jeans were only comfortable while standing... booo


  1. When the baby is small i use to just bite them off because it was soooo much easier. And when they are bigger i do it while breast feeding or when asleep. Clipping nail is kinda hard when they are moving so much.

    Don't know if its true or not about babies being able to sense your mood/feelings. Both my daughter would cry so much with my husband when he would try to put them asleep or when they were colic-y...but he would kinda stress out and get really frustrated. I seriously would count and take a deep breath so i would stay calm and patient. It hard sometimes when your learning to understand your baby. Maybe your excitement/happiness of having a good friend over and taking cute picture, was something that B sensed which was comforting. Either way, glad you had a good day with her and hope it just keeps getting better.

  2. My sister bites my niece's nails while she is sleeping or breast feeding...not sure if that will work for you or not though. That's great about fitting into your regular jeans...that was super fast...even if they aren't comfy when you sit. :)

  3. Awww those pictures are PRESH!! She is so so sweet. I'm glad you had some progress...hope each day gets better!

  4. sooooo cute!!!! does your friend have any photo tips? i want to take pics of my nephew but dont know how to get started. she is precious! have a good day :)

  5. SO adorable! And so glad you had some major successes today, keep it up mama!


  6. She is so adorable!!! Don't worry about cutting her nails too short... It's happens to all of us! They do make a tiny baby nail file which I used in te beginning (after I cut too short) and it was much easier! Also, with the bath I would make the water a little warmer than my rubber ducky temp said... It just always felt way too Luke warm to be enjoyable. And I had a small space heater not being used that I would put on high in the bathroom for A good 10min before Cade's bath even started. That really seemed to help and make it enjoyable for her! But it sounds like each day you're getting to know B more and more... That's what motherhood is all about, learning to read what your baby's needs are!! Keep up the good work... It will get easier and soon all of this will be a distant memory!!!

  7. aww! those photos are just so precious. i can't wait to see how they turn out! and oh my goodness, i remember those days when it used to take an hour to breastfeed! totally normal. he would latch..and then unlatch...or i would think he was on only to find breast milk leaking down my side. in all honestly, it took a solid month for us to get it right. their tiny mouths are working so hard. and your nipples have to sort of morph from their suckling. that alone takes time (and it hurts!) which is why i stuck with the nipple shield. i'm surprised they told you to stop. it really helped my nipples take form! almost like a suction, pulling them out. and E pooped and peed all over the white blankets for his photos too! its like as soon as the diaper was off...nothing is safe. and look at you, fitting into your jeans already! it took a couple of months to feel comfortable for me, but I had a c-section and had to wear a wrap. you really are doing awesome! so lovely seeing these photos. glad it was a great day.


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