Naughty Nikki

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

     Feels great to be back in my own bed and not in a backpacking tent. :) Our trip was great and I'll get into more details about that later but today I wanted to tell you more about Nikki, my family's Canine Companions for Independence dog. A couple of weeks ago Nikki matriculated which basically means she went off to doggy boot camp to become a dog who assists handicapped people. She was a part of our family for 18 months and while it was hard to see her go, she is learning how to help people live a more fulfilling life (hopefully). To be quite honest I am surprised that Nikki hasn't "failed" yet and made her way back to us. She had some issues (not coming when called, jumping on furniture, licking peoples' faces, biting Bella's neck etc.) but maybe she has overcome her bad habits? If Nikki passes she will graduate in February and go to a family/person who needs her more than we do. It would be an incredible experience to hand her over to someone and I hope that is the case in February. Below are some pictures of naughty Nikki...

The first night we brought her home...snoozin!
She loved Bella right from the start...adorable?!
Learning to body surf with Bella
Princess Nikki
Christmas card 2010
Jake and Nikki one week before we turned her in
Lily, Bella, and Nikki at the beach house. The three musketeers!

I'll keep you updated on whether or not she graduates. :) Tomorrow I'm re-capping the Fashion Show I participated in for a friend last Friday. Have a great Wednesday!


  1. that is so cool that she will become a companion dog;
    so heartwarming; to help someone =]

  2. Aaaaw what a lover!! She's too cute!!


  3. She's so adorable. Awesome how she will become a companion dog. I will like to see more update about her =]

  4. What a sweet girl! I hope she does well and goes out into the world to do good! :)


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