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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

For the next two weeks my "outfits" are mostly going to consist of beach-wear...mainly bikinis! I am staying with my family at the beach hence the beach attire. I have to say that even though wearing a bikini does not make me feel 100% confident I absolutely have an obsession with them. Every summer I can't help but pick up two or three. Designers these days are just so creative with prints and cuts and bows and I just get really excited! Sooooo here's a peek at my bikini options for the next two weeks. :) (excuse the bad lighting...i thought six would be late enough. live and learn).

 secretly i love wearing my one piece. :) it's so psychedelic 70s style.

 this looks pink but it's really more purpley. i love the scrunchy sides.

 horrible pic :( but the top has ruffles which make me feel so girly! recurring theme...thick sided bottoms

 this bikini has the best print...neon colored feathers! leave it to Trina Turk!

 akways. love. animal. print.

 i like the subtle metallic stripes and it's reversible!

 i found this store in Huntington Beach two summers ago called "Dare Me Bikini." Totally love their "scrunch butt" bikinis! I had to show the back of the bottoms on this one.

 another "Dare Me" but I accidentally left the bottoms at the house in my suitcase. oops.

 Bella came down to help take pictures. She wishes she could wear bikinis. :)

suits by (in order of appearance):
Point Conception
Vitamin A
Trina Turk
Vitamin A
Dare Me
Dare Me

Have a sunny Wednesday!


  1. Hello! I am a new follower. Love all of your bathing suits. I haven't read to see where you are going but have a blast! I am headed to the beach next week (can't wait) & then inservice starts! What happened to the Summer?!

  2. omy gosh! you have so many! i love the ruffled navy/floral bikini! have a great time at the beach! xo jillian

  3. Great choices! Have a great time!


  4. have so much fun at the beach!!! cute suits, bikinis are the best!! love all the ruffles and gathers- darling!

  5. What great options! Love them...have fun!

  6. You have the best bikini collection! Love them.


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