Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Remember this post where I got all googly-eyed over this wedding gift Tiffany got? Well, I've been obsessing about those pillow cases since I first laid eyes on them and then I saw them in a store in Laguna while shopping with my mom! There was no question about it... those babies were coming home with me! Although I don't think they are as cute as Tiffany's, they still get the job done. Take a look!

The company who designs these is called FacePlant. :) They have so many cute sayings that it was hard for me to choose one! Some of my favorites were, "King/Queen," (Matt would not allow that I'm sure) "Cowboy/Cowgirl," "Sleeps with Dogs," (because we do), and "PS i love you." Adorable, no? Which phrase would you get?


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