On the Road Again

Friday, August 19, 2011

Tomorrow we are leaving for our last backpacking trip this summer. It should be a lot easier than my trek up Half Dome (PS did you hear about that 26 year old girl who died there? So sad and scary). We are going to a place called Dinkey Lakes which is outside of Fresno. I am NOT looking forward to the car ride but I am excited because we are taking Bella. :) She even has her own backpack that she carries her dog food in. She also has her own boots. Love her! I decided to post some past photos of trips we took last summer to inspire me you.

relaxing after day one of hiking
no make up. so not cute
man's best friend
long lake
goofy brothers
bella with her boots :)
gooooood morning!
still smells fresh to me!
notice bella in the background. i covered her up and shes eating her dinner laying down.
snazzy red backpack! even bella knows style. ;)
jump if you need a shower!
Bella wins best pose in this picture!

Can't wait to show you the pictures from this weekend! What are you up to? Tonight I am in a small fashion show to help a friend out. It should be fun and she gave us jewelry from her line, Briana Rene to boot! I will give more details next week. Have a great weekend!


  1. First, you totally can;'t even tell you're not wearing makeup..you look great!!

    Second, so jealous if you. I'm a mountain girl living in Florida flat lands. I'm bored out of my mind sometimes. Love all your hiking pictures!

  2. Have fun! I love that Bella goes with you and has her own gear! Super cute!

  3. I love Bella! She is adorable. I love yellow labs. Maybe someday when we have a house & backyard, I'll get Aida a yellow lab puppy.


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