Sunny with a Chance of Baby Showers

Monday, January 27, 2014

This was the weekend of parties galore! I don't discriminate...I attended baby showers, birthday parties, and housewarming parties. All were fun and had great food which made me very happy. I'm sure I'll have food remorse come  Monday morning (which would be right about now). All of the parties were beautiful and got me super excited about Blair's upcoming birthday party. Yip yip! Take a look...

straight bougie

macarons and kinda shower!
bootie garland! not to be confused with booty garland. ;)

holy yum these were bomb

as was this...cream cheese frosting get in my belly

to be eaten later (or on the ride home)

so doing this at my next party. hot chocolate and coffee bar!


3 pregos in this picture! don't get crazy...i'm not one. mama of honor is in black on my left!

the hostess had a stunning home and view in Oak Glen

the cutest mama to be!
I had B with me at the birthday party so there are no pictures from that but I assure you it was darling! However I was sans Blair at the next shower so I was able to snap away. The second shower was Twinkle Twinkle Little Star because my friend is waiting to find out the sex. The suspense kills me! I could never.

how cute is she?!

seriously beautiful!

homemade scones, donuts, parfaits, quiches, sausage, bacon, pancakes AND waffles!

yes, they're real

swooning over this!

how i wonder what you are

You may recognize this bar cart from NYE. My friend throws the best parties so naturally the shower was at her house. It was really fun oooing and ahhhing over the baby stuff and gives me serious baby fever. Speaking of baby fever my sweet girl has had a fever all weekend. I just hate when she's sick. :( Doctor said it's just a cold she's gotta work through. But she's lookin' pretty pathetic...

PS Happy 20th to my baby brother bear!


  1. Gorgeous party d├ęcor! Love the roasted veggie tray & obvi the champs bar! ;)

    Hope miss Blair feels better soon, Sofs has a runny nose - being sick is no fun!

    Hello Newlywed Life Blog

  2. Both parties were beautiful, loving the Twinkle Twinkle decor!

  3. What beautiful parties! I'm with you... I could never wait to find out the gender either!


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