Carter's Nursery

Friday, January 24, 2014

This month I have been featuring one of my friend's nursery's each Friday. So far I have posted Blair's and Harper's but now it's time for the boys! One of my BFF's, Rikki, is in the process of adopting a sweet little boy. She has fabulous taste and has designed the sweetest little nursery for him. I love how she incorporated pictures from before they even knew him. She has a really unique loft type space for his room and has used some of the quirks to her advantage. Take a look (and know that the room is SO much cuter in person! I was dealing with poor lighting issues).

Daddy is a policeman. They have Disney passes. And yes those are Freshly Picked. :)

she created a space with black out curtains since the loft stays pretty bright...genius

i love the neutral pallet

notice the deer head above the curtains...Daddy also likes to hunt!

the only awkward part...they're cat lovers. ;)
such a cute banner!

Blair rewarded Carter with a kiss for giving her Mama blogging material. ;)
Hope you boy mamas enjoyed this nursery inspiration. It makes me excited for possibly having a boy one day! It doesn't have to be Spider Man or Ninja Turtle themed...phew. We have a jam packed weekend full of baby showers, birthday parties and house warming parties. All fun stuff though so no complaining from this one. Plus there is bound to be food at each party and that always makes me happy. :)

PS And happy birthday to Blair's Aunt Lisa...we can be 29 for a while together. ;)

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