VDay Decor and Playdate

Thursday, January 23, 2014

I just put the finishing touches for Valentine's Day around our house and thought I would share. Nothing earth shattering but fun to look at anyway!

just nine months old here!

it's embarrassing how shoddy this is...better than nothing! Inspired by LBG

entry way

It's pretty minimal but hey I tried. What's even a billion times cuter is this...

Blair and her bff Charlotte. this makes me envision a sister for B...swoon!

Char was all about hand holding. B was like "what is this?"

then the boys crashed the party!

please look at Charlotte's little grin...i can't even
     Do you know how hard it is to get FOUR kids to smile and look at the camera at the same time? We could have had Mickey Mouse himself behind the lens and they still probably wouldn't budge. Needless to say we were all jumping, clapping, and dancing away back there like a bunch of idiots. Parenthood is oh so humbling...

Blair's shirt
Blair's denim


  1. I thought the chalkboard was cute & I decorated my little girl's teepee for Valentine's as well! So fun!



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