Valentine Crush: Target

Friday, January 31, 2014

Target does me dirty practically every time I visit, but especially lately. Their spring line has hit the floor and along with it so has my jaw. Their stuff is so stinkin' cute and you can't beat the prices! I scooped up some dresses and bathing suits (we're going to Oahu in June!). I was especially inspired by Natasha's choice in swimwear in Maui so naturally I had to copy her and it didn't disappoint! I decided on the white and green dress and I also picked out a few other things I'm loving but have yet to pull the trigger on.

How cute is that little gold tray? I've been wanting it for ages but don't really have a spot for it (not that I couldn't find one). Last year I bought the above glitter sandals (a jcrew knock off) and wore them all. the. time. I highly recommend you get these for the summer...comfy and glam!

I was going to make this a "Valentine's Day for Her" collage but then it turned into "Target for Her." Either way M if you are reading this any of these would be a great gift for February 14! ;)

PS Target you should pay me to advertise for you ;)


  1. I was just there yesterday and am impressed how much self control I had! They have such cute things right now! Love all of your picks!

  2. Love it all! I but most of my clothes at Target and Sadie's closet is also well stocked with Target picks! I know what you mean about "doing you dirty..." I've found that for every hour in there, I rack up about $100 at checkout time. Needless to say, my hubby is less than thrilled. "But babe....I did get some groceries too!" Bahahaha

  3. Love it all! I especially like that sandals with ankle straps are back in style! Comfort and fashion joining forces!

  4. I DO love that bikini top! Great roundup!! ;)

    1. fun that you're going to Oahu! Let me know if you need any tips with traveling with a crazy toddler!!! ;)

  5. Love everything! Do you have the link to that purse? You will have a blast in Oahu-I went several years ago and it did not disappoint!


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