Sunday, January 12, 2014

I mentioned a while back that I signed up to run another half marathon. Actually "signed up" is a nice way of saying "got roped into." Turns out the friend that "encouraged" me to sign up bailed (ahem, Daniel) but his wife was kind enough to stick to her promise! ;) I ran for team world vision to help raise money for clean water for the people living in Uganda. It was a purposeful reason to run which did make the training easier!

The actual race itself started out fine until I started to get angry at how many hills there were. At about mile ten is when my stomach started cramping up and I decided I was over it. I ran/walked the last three miles. Not even sorry. I do however genuinely hope it's because there is a baby brewing inside me and not just me being a baby. Time will tell. And wouldn't that be the excuse of all excuses?! ;)

pastor's wives! minus me. ;) these girls KILLED it at 1 hr 50 mins!

posing with the celebrities themselves...our pastor and his wife :)

clearly a smile this big could only come before the race

last few yards. don't let the smile fool you. i was straight  miserable.

post race kisses from the sweetest!

let the whining begin! ;)
All I have to say is that I'm glad that bad boy is over. And I'll say it again...NEVER AGAIN! For reals. Two half marathons is more than enough for this girl.

A BIG thank you to all my friends and family who donated towards clean water for the rest of ten people's lives! That's a pretty rad thing. And if you have to know my time was a slow 2 hr 27 minutes compared to my last race at 2 hr 6 minutes. Oy. Someone's clearly almost 30...


  1. Ahhhh Baby #2! I mean, that is so exciting. Fingers crossed!!! xo

  2. Way to go! You runners always are inspiring the day I sign up for a 5k will be an interesting one!

  3. Good for you for completing a half marathon regardless of walking/running those last 3 miles! And wouldn't that be exciting if you are pregnant with baby #2!!!

  4. you deserve a standing ovation. FOR REALS.

  5. WOW!!! CONGRATS! What an amazing accomplishment! And seriously, super exciting if there was a baby #2! :)


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