Toddler Tuesday: Sweet Dreams

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

I thought I would check in with a sleep update (I know, snooze-fest). It's partly for selfish reasons so I can come back and revisit this for our next kiddo. I have to say B has been an A+ sleeper this last month or so. We're talking 7pm to 7:30/8:30 am! Hallelujah! While I should totally be setting my alarm and taking advantage of some quiet devotional time I've been super lazy and sleeping in right along side of her.

hulk baby

Her naps, however, are hit or miss. She's pretty much transitioned to one nap after lunch. I usually wait till she poops (otherwise we have the mid-nap poo which wakes her up) and then put her down between 12-12:30. The thing that kills me though is some days she will sleep for 3 hours and other days (like yesterday) only for an hour! Gah! On days like that I put her to bed an hour early because by that point we are both dunzo. She is at least really good in her bed even when she's not sleeping. The girl will play/talk to herself/crawl around for a LONG time (like an hour!) before or after a nap. So sometimes after she has only napped an hour I leave her in there to entertain herself while I catch up on laundry/bills/soap operas. Kidding about the last one. I actually don't know how to turn on our TV without directions...

Overall I'm so thankful for the sleep everyone here at the Bushman household has been getting. Here are a few of our favorite festive jammies to boot! I can't even handle the cuteness OR decide which pair to get Blair. First world problems : /

all jammies from baby Gap


  1. Congrats on the sleep! It's been the same over here too, I wake up feeling so refreshed -finally!!

  2. the chatting in the crib is the CUTEST! Bring on the Halloween pj's (a few of those came in the mail yesterday- and my husband claims it's too early for lex to wear em....I disagree!).


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