A Day in the Life

Thursday, August 22, 2013

And here is yesterday...

started the morning off right with french toast, eggs, and no exercise. winning.

diggin her french toast

then we played with our cups for a good 30 minutes. winning again.
grocery store time
And then we came home and she took a THREE hour nap! Yup. You read that right! So Mama got her craft on while hanging out with a friend and her kiddo...

the beginning of a back drop for a shower i'm hosting this weekend. no that did not take me three hours...
then she woke up and they played. well, he played...she kinda whined and hung on me. craft time was OVER.
then the best part of the day came home...Dada!
This is when I forgot about taking pictures the rest of the night. M made pizza for dinner, took B for a run, and put her to bed while I went to the gym. (i know, pretty awesome). The rest of my night was dedicated to more crafts, blogging, and chocolate ice cream. What? You don't eat ice cream after the gym? That's why I go to the gym! ;)


  1. Sound like a pretty nice day! Don't you love when they take long naps?! It's the best... Freedom for hours :)

  2. Can't wait to see shower details! And I totally go to the gym so I can eat ice cream too...


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