IKEA finds

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Can you believe I have never been to IKEA? I finally was enlightened last weekend when two of my girl friends introduced me to the small city (seriously! it's HUGE!). Ever since I saw this toddler table and chairs Strawberry Swing and Other Things blog I had to have it. I'm still debating over whether to paint it or not. It's kinda cute and simple the way it is but mint and gold are calling my name... (I lied...I just saw some cute Ikea hacks here and will for sure be painting...)

 What is THAT?! ^^^^ I just about died at the above picture of B. She came over to me while I was taking some pictures and I said, "Blair, can you smile so Mama can take a picture?" And this is what she did! Hilarious! And I have a vision of what all her school pictures are going to look like...

While I was at Ikea I happened to stumble upon this gem...

 What child doesn't need at chalkboard?! And for $15?! Money.

One side for chalk and the other for dry erase

a tray for supplies

AND a roll of paper...genius!
PS what a fun birthday gift this would be, right? And I for sure plan on painting the fun out of this bad boy. Let's see here...I mean M is going to paint the fun outta this. Kidding! I'm going to take charge of the easel... he's got the table and chairs to worry about... ;)

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  1. Wasn't Ikea awesome!! I love going there :) my kids have the chalkboard and LOVE it. It gets plenty of use and the price can't be beat! We also have the table and chairs but the cheaper $19.99 version, I so wish I would've painted it because the kiddos have destroyed it. It's seeing its last days... Another trip needs to happen :)
    Blair is going to love her goodies!!

  2. Thanks for the shut out, can't wait to see what you do to yours!

    We have the chalkboard too, word of warning though, make sure you "prep" it. We get terrible chalk marks on it and chalk pens apparently don't mix either. Oh well, for $14.99 no biggie right! Can't believe you never been to ikea!! Luckily ours is close, but such a fun trip!

  3. Love IKEA! I love this site too, I'm amazed how creative people are! http://www.ikeahackers.net/?m=1

  4. IKEA is so dangerous for this reason! Love your buys...the chalkboard easel is great!

  5. Love your IKEA purchases! I bought and painted the IKEA LATT table a few months ago and it turned out great, but when an adult sat on the chairs they cracked. Thinking about buying the table you got!

  6. Ikea gives me anxiety! It's too overwhelming and mazelike!!


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