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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Dare I say that I believe I found a sippy cup that really doesn't leak?!?! After reading about this cup on Little Baby Garvin AND having one of my friend's swear by it I decided to purchase two on amazon. I am happy to say they really don't leak! The only disappointment I had with them is that they only come in orange and green (come on, no pink?!?)

The cups have a weight in the bottom that helps it to "right" itself when tipped. The straw is also "closed" at the tip but with baby's suction the liquid can come out. The lid also has a sliding top that keeps the straw clean when it's in the bottom of the diaper bag.

The other purchase I recently made on amazon was this beaba spoon and fork set. B really wants to start feeding herself with utensils but hasn't been very successful. I've read several blogs that recommend this set so we shall see! PS they are kinda pricey so I split the set with a friend. :)

What are your favorite toddler purchases lately?


  1. That was the cup A learned to use a straw with! Although we've graduated to larger ones, it was always a little awkward to hold in her little hands and doesn't hold as much for when we run out. We've been using the beaba set and I think they are great, I did just start using the bendable boon set to help w her aim and love those too.

    I've been drafting a post with some favs maybe I'll actually post it tomorrow!

  2. I want those utensils as well but they are pricey! What's up with that?! And we love that sippy cup as well!


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