Concert in the Park

Thursday, August 15, 2013

I really wanted to be a good blogger/mommy last night. I remembered the camera. I even got it out to take pictures. And then I realized I left the memory card at home. In my computer. Gah! Happens every. single. time. This is probably one of my most annoying habits if M were to make a list.

The reason I wanted to take some good pics was because we went to an AWESOME concert in the park with our friends, the Richeys. It was a lovely summer night with live music, food trucks, snow cone stands, etc. We brought our turkey sammies along with the best chips ever. B had a blast running around and dancing/eating.

"hey, Charlotte, can you come play?" "I'm here with Andelyn!"

definitely unsure about the "big dogs"

and this is how we finished off the night...
Our friends are so good at finding fun free events in our city...I can't wait till our next adventure!

Blair's dress: baby gap (no longer available) :( headband: target! sandals: salt water


  1. you got some pretty cute pics for not having your camera! I love that one of your daughter on the phone, so so cute.


  2. Love your pics! looks like a fun evening and Blair looks adorable!!
    I always enjoy reading your posts.

    Feel free to check my blog out. I just started it and would love any tips you have to make it better.

    Thank you


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