New Hairstyles

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

I ponied up yesterday and got a little brave with my hair. If you know me, I've had the same hair color since, well, forever. I didn't color my hair till the month of my wedding and even then all I did was add some highlights. Since then I've chopped it off once (and never again) and gone from medium blonde to very blonde (clearly change is not my forte) but never added color to darken my hair. I've been talking about changing my hair for like 6 months plus now and finally did something a little different. It's slightly ombre but still has enough blonde in it for me not to freak out. :) Thanks Carrie for all your hard work!

Oh, and little B got her Georgia and Jane headbands in the mail this week! Seriously, doesn't she look like a little angle with it on? (I know better...) :)

mommy forgot her shopping cart cover (yuck) you better believe i bathed that cart in wipes!

onesie: Old Navy vintage :)

People were stopping us in the grocery store admiring her little headband...much thanks to Melissa at Georgia and Jane!


  1. Love your hair, its beautiful!!!!

  2. your hair is so pretty! Perfect for fall :)

  3. Love your hair AND B's headbands!! Two stylish little ladies!!

  4. I love your new hair! It's so fun to do something different. I'm always nervous to try something different too. I love Blair's headband. adorable!

  5. Thank you so much for posting this! I am in the same situation and have my hair appt in a couple of hours! Hope you don't mind that I'm copying you! haha

  6. Your hair looks great! I love darkening for fall and lightening it up for summer!

  7. Love your hair and B's headband is adorable!!

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