Separation Anxiety

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

There was no way I was in the mood to "work it" yesterday. Yesterday was another "first" for B and Mama. It was the first time I left her with someone other than family. I signed up to be in a Bible study one morning a week and they provide Bible class for children as well. I swear B knew I had something planned for the day because she was cranky all morning while I tried to get us ready and out the door by 8:45. I chalked it up to teething and gave her some teething tabs along with Tylenol because it was so unlike her to be cranky in the morning.

The children's program she is in is WONDERFUL and the women who take care of the babies love them oh so much but B didn't care. The fact is they weren't Mama. I really didn't think I would have a hard time leaving her but I did. Especially since she was having such a rough morning to begin with. I made it out the door without a tear but once I turned the corner I couldn't help myself. I would say "I don't know who cried more, me or her." But I know the answer to that...HER. While I did definitely cry, she won the prize. She pretty much cried for the whole two hours she was there. Poor girl.

My mom is in the Bible study as well and checked on her while I was in my class and said "She is crying off and on, but she's fine." Translation: She hasn't stopped crying and is TICKED. Later I found out she was so mad in fact that she wouldn't even take her bottle. :( Missing Mama and hungry? No bueno.

So, next Tuesday we will be at it again. I could go in and nurse her half way through but I think it would make things worse for her. I never wanted to have a "Mama's girl" in this sense and here we are. Everyone says she will learn to love it. I sure hope so. This Sunday I also plan on leaving her in the Sunday school class. Talk about jumping in with two feet. I just think the longer I wait the harder it will be when we decide to leave her. So for us it's now or never..

I'm sure that Satan was attacking me yesterday morning. Wanting me to stay at home and say B was having a tough day so I couldn't make it. But I'm not going to let him win. I even caught myself threatening him as I walked out the door this morning. Telling him he wouldn't take this Bible study away from me. So take that Mr. Devil... this Mama ain't backin' down no matter how much her babe begs her to.

Clearly she has recovered from her traumatic day. Always happy to take a bath (and chew her feet).

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  1. Way to go Natalie! It's so much easier to do this now. We have friends who's daughter has had a terrible time being away from mom and dad so they just haven't left her with anyone. Result: a one-year-old with terrible separation anxiety. Keep it up! She'll learn to love it. These days Charlie begs to go to the nursery, which was NOT the case when we started bringing her :)


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