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Monday, September 10, 2012

We had a super productive weekend which translates into "M was a good sport and did everything I asked." We M hung a mirror in the entry way and a picture over our piano. He took out a leaf in our dining table, did TONS of yardwork (and it was WORK since it was so hot!), installed some more pulls for our drawers, and re-hung our diplomas in the office. We were beat! Thanks to B's legit napping skills we were able to be productive.

Last Wednesday B had her six month appointment. Here are the details below...

Head Circumference: 44.5 cm, 95%
Weight: 18 pounds 100% 85%
Height: 25 1/4 inches 30%

This appointment was special because Daddy got to come! It was the first time he was able to join us and it also happened to be the least amount of crying from B...coincidence? I think not...

18 whopping pounds! Home girl is a TANK. I was actually surprised to see that there are other babies that weigh more than her! Who are these kids?!

on our way to the doctor...naively happy
Overall she's thriving! The doctor did say that if her head continues to grow and jump percentiles that a CT scan will be ordered. But I'm not worried because big heads run in Matt's family... (sorry gramma!)

waiting our turn
checking herself out
lovin the mirror
She goes to bed at seven and wakes up around 7. Which would be awesome...if she weren't also still waking up around 2:30 to eat. Doctor says to let her cry because she is big old enough to survive the night without food. This is no fun for us though because she cries for an HOUR. And if she's crying, I'm awake. I'm thinking about giving her just one side so I can still pump in the morning and use some of that milk for her rice cereal.

on our way home from the bow and no pants...
Depends on the brand but some six month, some nine, and this weekend a 12 month!!! I died.

Tomorrow B goes to her first bible class and will be cared for by someone other than family. Pray for her me.

Milk and cereal, cereal and milk (you tube inside joke). shes DIGGIN her rice cereal!

nom nom nom
Mostly only when she is tired or wakes up from a nap. Or when I ignore her in the middle of the night...sigh.

Sitting up! While I won't be putting her on our tile and walking away anytime soon, she is getting much better on the carpet with mama's supervision. First foods and "kissing" are things she has been loving lately.

sitting with Dad's hand ready for backup
post partem
Started half marathon training. I wish the humid heat would leave already. M, B and I ran six miles last Saturday and were pretty tired. Poor M pushed her heavy bum the whole time and was nice and sweaty by the beginning end!


  1. way to go, B! That's how preemies do!

  2. She is just the cutest thing. Curious why they're concerned about her head circumference...but glad you're not worried! And LOVE that she is sitting and kissing...precious!

  3. She is such a cutie! Look at those beautiful blue eyes!!


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