Motherhood Monday's

Monday, September 24, 2012

Another productive weekend at home for us! Let's see, we did lots of yard work, hung some curtains in the dining room, ran eight miles, and made another weeks worth of baby food (avocado and squash!). Not to mention laundry, dishes, and taking care of baby!

Here's Blair's update:


Probably still 18 pounds.


Never been sick yet! Counting my blessings on this one for sure...


She's really sleeping like a baby! I put her down awake for her naps and she talks and rolls around in her crib for about thirty minutes and then zones out, no crying! She has also started waking up happy and will play in her crib at least fifteen minutes before she squawks at me.

As for night time we are still forcing encouraging her to sleep through the night by letting her cry self soothe. She sometimes wakes once and cries for about fifteen minutes. However last night she woke at four and cried an hour. That was brutal. I'm determined to follow doctor's orders on this one and get this girl consistently sleeping through the night!


9 months or 6-12 months. Although Matt wrestled her in a nine month dress yesterday and swears she won't fit into it anymore. I'll be the judge of that. Sometimes he tends to miss the buttons in the back...


Doing much better with Sunday school and Bible study. I dropped her off yesterday and there was no crying! She seemed to have a great time and only cried when M was picking her up! Yay for progress! I thought I would never see the day... Oh and isn't Blair's BF cute? It's our friends' son. :)


Breastmilk and this week we are trying avocado and squash! Baby loves sweet potatoes and we have started feeding her twice a day now. I give her a fruit or veggie in the morning and oatmeal at dinner. Poor girl's bum isn't too happy with all the new food passing through though. :( we will be ordering more cloth friendly diaper cream soon! TMI?

Oh and she sucks her thumb between cute! I heard it's because she wants to feel like she's still nursing. She desires the closeness. So sweet!


Only when overtired or middle of the night drama.


Sitting much better! Eating more new food and eating dinner! Here she is not sitting with her Sunday school teacher. :)

Post partum

Ran 8 miles with M. Left B with my mom (Lala) and she was great! They went for a walk and then she fed her sweet potatoes. I was beat. I decided there is no way I'm running less than a ten minute mile for 13 miles. I'll be happy to finish without walking. Sigh.


  1. love that dress and little headband! so adorable!

    Highly recommend CJBUTTer for the rash cream (kelly's closet sells it, prob the other CD stores too) I have the sweet memories scent and it smells so good. Also, in a pinch, coconut oil is amazing for moisturizing if dry!

    Thats great about the sleep, A seems to be turning a corner the past two nights, hopefully she's at B's status soon.

  2. Oh my goodness...the sucking of the tumb in between eating is SO cute. Love that.


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