Milk Does a Body Good

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Last week my prayer was that I would be given the opportunity to share the gospel and witness to others. Sometimes as a stay at home mom I feel like I don't have a lot of opportunities to share God with people. Well that changed when a friend of mine asked if I could help a mom in need.

Here's the background... Since Matt and I have moved to town we have started walking every night in our neighborhood. It's part of Blair's bed time routine and it's a nice time for Matt and I to talk about our days. Bella enjoys sniffing around the 'hood too.

We met a Dad one night on our walk and after talking with him a few times found out his wife has thyroid cancer. She is probably in her late twenties. They have a two year old and nine month old.

After hearing this I have been praying for her daily although I have never met her.

Then on Saturday my friend Nicolle asked me if I could spare any breastmilk for a friend of hers who has cancer. She told me her friend is about to have radiation and can't nurse her nine month old but she doesn't want to give her formula till she's a year old. To make matters worse, she had enough milk saved up but her freezer broke and it all spoiled. All that hard work wasted...

Long story short, it's the girl who lives down the street from me whom I've been praying for for the past few months. I've never met her...till Saturday night. I gathered some of my extra milk up and walked over with Blair. When she opened the door she started crying. And then of course so did I. It was so emotional! I put myself in her shoes and my heart just breaks for her.

God planted the opportunity for me to share about Him to her. Turns out she is a strong believer and I was able to tell her I've been praying for her for months. She was so grateful for the prayers and milk and I was so glad I was able to help a little. I hope that I can continue to donate milk for her sweet little girl (her name is Tulip... How cute!) Maybe B and her will be friends one day?

Crazy how God works sometimes. Now every morning when I pump I have a much bigger purpose than keeping a deep stash for B "just in case." I'm able to help someone in need. And if it were me I would hope others would do the same.


  1. SO wonderful you are able to help another mom with your milk! I just shipped off my remaining 47 (milk and soy tainted) bags to Prolacta to help NICU babies since I wasn't able to find a local program in my area. I'm so glad my 'liquid gold' isn't going to waste since we aren't able to keep it. It is such a rewarding feeling to help others, glad you are able to experience it too!!

  2. God is so good! What a blessing you are. Thank you for sharing.

  3. This warmed my heart this morning. Thank you for sharing this. I firmly believe that when you pray for opportunities to share the gospel and help others, God will make a way for you to do it..even if it takes a little time. What a blessing!

  4. You are amazing...and wow that's a lot of milk!! I make nowhere near that

  5. That is an amazing story. God is so good and you are such a blessing!

  6. Looove this story! So wonderful! God works in amazing ways... And it looks like your family just made a new friend! Yay for mommy milk and God giving you the ability to produce so well!!! What a wonderful gift to be able to share! I'm sure each time she feeds Tulip, she'll feel an extra bit of love and strength because of what you're doing. :-)


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