Save the Drama for your Mama

Friday, September 21, 2012

...or Dada. We had/have bottle drama with B and it is no fun. I booked a flight to visit my BFF's in November so now I'm determined to get B back to taking a bottle since I'll be leaving her with M for the weekend. She used to be a champ but lately has been fighting us on it (aka throwing her head back in a rage). Me, being type A, has decided that I need to figure this out two months before it matters.

Some sweet mama friends of mine gave me some good advice last night at 9pm when I was in crisis mode. Lord knows I wasn't going to sleep till I had a plan of attack. The most frustrating part is that she used to take a bottle no problem! Perhaps some of the best advice was, "You're not going to solve all the problems of the world tonight...relax!" :) True...very true. We've got time! I'll keep you updated on this hurdle...

Anyway, here she is at six months! Of course my pal Carrie did another amazing job with B and her photos. I just DIE when I look at her in these shots!!!

please note that thunder thigh!

And one from the lame iphone...


  1. Blair's pictures are beyond adorable! As for not taking her bottle, did I see you post somewhere that she'll take her sippy cup? If so I'd say ditch the bottles and go for the cup. As long as she's efficient drinking out of it there's no need for her to take a bottle and, BONUS, no fighting to wean her from a bottle!

  2. Love the all eyes and thighs! So cute! And the photos are beyond presh!!


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