Motherhood Monday

Monday, September 17, 2012

Blair is about six and a half months now and boy do we have a lot going on! She's sitting up, eating different solids, and working on her separation anxiety (spoiler: she's improving!).


Still 18 pounds skinny :)


So far B has never been sick. Praying that it stays this way even though I've enrolled her in a Bible class and she has started going to Sunday school.


Really can't complain here anymore (finally!). She takes a two hour nap daily and rarely cries when I put her down. She used to wake up several times during her naps and fuss but for the most part now she sleeps the whole time. Bed time is a breeze. Every night we give her a bath, take her for a walk around the neighborhood, nurse her, and ay her down. She talks to herself in bed and looks at her bumper till she falls asleep. No more going in every five and ten minutes to soothe her! Wahoo!


Currently wearing size 9 months or 6-12 months. Dresses are a cinch since they fit over her thighs. I'm even squeezing her into old three month dresses as tunics and putting leggings underneath. Cute!


Today I'm trying out a group called musical munchkins. It's an introduction into music in which I attend with her and we practice beat keeping, singing, bouncing, kicking, and musical sounds. B had her first Sunday school class and did MUCH better than she did last Tuesday at Bible Study. Thanks to my friend Maxie! Phew! I am determined to rid her of separation anxiety. This week I am also going to lunch with my friend Brittany and her new baby Norah and am thinking about a playdate with my church friends on Friday. Oh, and she has her six month pics too! Gotta stay busy!


So far she has enjoyed all the solid food she has tried: rice cereal, oatmeal cereal, and pears. Wednesday we introduce sweet potatoes!


We found out the hard way while Matt's parents were babysitting Blair that she is over taking milk from a bottle. She screamed and screamed and went to bed hungry (no worries she has plenty of fat reserves!) luckily we discovered that she tolerates milk out of a sippy cup. So, sippy cup it is!


Sitting! I put a Boppy around her waist just in case but she is getting really good at it on her own. When she gets tired of sitting and leans forward and face plants then rolls onto her back. It's pretty funny. :)

Post partum

Ran seven miles yesterday! My hips were talking to me but we made it!


  1. happy 6 months to blair....time flys! i am STILL hunting for the perfect sippy cup. which ones does blair love?

    1. I don't know if she LOVES any of them but she started learning how to use the Tommee tippee brand four month bottle. I'm going to buy the ones with handles next from them too. Which ones do you like?

  2. Just wondering how you improved her naps. Did you let her cry when she woke up early, if so for how long? How long did it take to see improvement? Thanks!

    1. B would wake up after 30-45 minutes and at first I thought this was normal. Then after reading Healthy Sleep Habits, Healthy Child I discovered this nap was not long enough. Yes, I let her cry for no more than an hour. Eventually she would go back to sleep after crying. Sometimes she still wakes and cries 10-15 minutes. Rarely she will nap 45 minutes and I can tell by her cry that that is all she needed and she isn't going back down. But that is only after she has already had a two hour nap and just needs a little more shut eye in the late afternoon before bed. I would say it took about two weeks but she started improving immediately! The hardest part was being confident in what I was doing. Everything was new!

  3. I love reading your blog! You seem so down to earth and honest! As a new mother it is do refreshing to have somebody talk about the fact that, as amazing as being a mom is, it's not easy! There are days where I feel so frustrated with the fact that my little man won't nap but then you remind me that I'm not alone! Thank you!!

    1. napping was SO hard for me to figure out. child number two will have it so much easier!

  4. So fun to see all the milestones! We are struggling in the nap area too, although I think it is because my daughter has been sick - her first cold :(. Hopefully she goes back to those long naps soon! And way to go on the half marathon training! I'm doing that myself and just had the 7-miler last weekend too! Have you done one before? This will be my first. I needed some motivation to get back into pre-baby shape!


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