Weekend Musings

Monday, February 2, 2015

This weekend started out fabulously...with Whole 30 ending! I celebrated hard with a crumb donut, chai tea latte, and sweets upon sweets all weekend. Surprisingly my tummy didn't seem to mind at all. I'll be talking about what our diet will look like now later this week.

We also celebrated my brother's 21st birthday at a local BBQ restaurant that we all love. Their bread pudding had my name all over it! One of our favorite ways to spend our time is with our family (really!) so this was a double treat! I broke all the rules and even had a beer. :) My Dad turns 61 (62?) later this week so we let him tag along too. ;)

sweet little nephew

cousins! and blair's half up top knot i've been loving. :)

helping uncle jake make a wish

i love this picture of me and my Dad. we were all watching Blair play in the courtyard before we called it a night!
We didn't have big superbowl plans and ended up hanging out at home with my brother and his wife. Our game day snacks were quite elaborate...3 boxes of girl scout cookies. I'm not really into football. And by not really I mean not at all so I crafted with my sis-in-law for Blair's birthday bash while the boys talked shop.

I've been a crafting queen over here and have some fun Val Day things to show you this week along with some sneak peeks of the birthday bash decor! Get excited. :)


  1. Yo go girl! Get that donut! ;) and the only way I ever wear my hair curly (natural) is like blair's half up, only way i can control it. Can't wait to see what you have planned for the Peppa Pig party!

  2. So glad I'm not alone is who could care less about football. I only went to the games in high school to socialize with my friends. Idk if I ever even watched the games (sorry ex-boyfriend who was a captain on the team)

  3. Aw, that picture of you and your dad is so precious.

    And the food in this post has me drooling. Yummmm.


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