Ballet Beauties

Friday, February 20, 2015

I know I post a lot of pictures from ballet class but the girls are so darn cute I can't help it! I definitely think we will sign up to do ballet again next month. Blair absolutely adores it even if she's not the most skilled dancer in class. ;)

Swoon! Is there anything more precious? I'm thinking about making a little scrapbook with all of Blair's pictures with her friends from birth to now. I think she will love it especially since she doesn't have a sibling yet...she really cherishes her friends!

Oh, and side note I FINALLY found something that cleans "dirty baby" thanks to my cousin's keepers friend! Check out before and after...
Pretty good right?! Now if I could just clean the actual fabric part. :/ I tried to convince Blair to change baby's jammies and she freaked out. Baby steps I guess. See what I did there? ;)

Oh and we have two more prints in our shop this week! These would be the perfect shower gift for a baby girl or boy. Get yours HERE.

Happy weekend! Oh, and I started taking Metformin and so far so good. Just a very mild lack of appetite which they said was normal. Waiting for the other meds to arrive as I type!


  1. The little redhead looks like me when I was that age! Awesome about dirty baby!

  2. Ditry baby looks pretty clean. I need to look for a ballet class for Ellie because I think she will really enjoy it.


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