Toddler Valentine Party

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Last Friday Blair had two of her best girlfriends over for a little Val Day cookie decorating. In the past (here and here) I've had quite a slew of toddlers running amok at my house but with Blair and her two friends being the oldest, (and most skilled at frosting and sprinkles) I decided to keep it small. Plenty of other times throughout the year to have all the hooligans kiddos over! ;)

I was pretty excited because 95% of my Val Day decor was re- purposed from either some other holiday or last year's Val Day. The flowers were a gift for a shower I hosted and everything else I had on hand. Oh actually I guess I spent $5 on that chocolate cake...worth it!

Heart shaped PB and J for the girls.
Little did I know that the reason that B refused to eat her lunch was not because she ate too many cookies but rather because she had her very fist encounter with the stomach flu. Yup. Later that afternoon she puked three times while I was at the gym. Lucky Matt got to do clean up on aisle three. My friends were really happy to hear about this after they spent all morning at my house...

 Oh, and I'm sure the chocolate milk she downed at lunch settled really well with her. You know how good dairy is for the stomach flu!

But, coffee. Then decorating!

You better believe this was part of my cheat meal!
Do you guys have anything fun planned for your kiddos this Valentine's Day? I just loved celebrating this holiday with my sweet girl...let's be real this one is for the girls!


  1. super cute! I might just need to invite a few of Harper's daycare pals over for a little girls date!

  2. so cute, and ugh, we got hit with the pukes today too :(

  3. Such a cute little party. I love your bar cart.. One of your DIYs or where from if you don't mind sharing? :)


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