Blair's Valentines

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Valentine's Day is creeping up on us and since I'm always looking forward to the next holiday I got started making Blair's valentines last weekend. If you haven't noticed I live for this kind of crafty stuff.

I stumbled across some valentines that I loved on Pinterest. I dumbed mine down a bit by not stamping out each valentine (who has time for that?!) and printing them instead. I also skipped cutting out felt hearts and decided to draw mine. I purchased the plastic animals at Target (60 for $7) and kept the extra for Blair to play with. I saw similar ones at Michales but they were 12 for $10! Target for the win.

And while I'm sure Blair would love the $2.99 box of "Frozen" Valentines, I enjoy putting forth a little extra effort. I'm planning on putting some organic animal crackers from Costco in little treat bags to accompany them. The only bummer about these is that they can't be mailed in an envelope. :( Luckily we see a lot of our friends throughout the week at church, Bible study, the park, library etc. but there will still undoubtedly be some hand deliveries. These are the valentines we made last year here and here.

What about you? Are you crafting your valentines or saving yourself some time? I guarantee you if I had a newborn we would be doing boxed valentines 100%!


  1. OMG, love these! I've been looking around and I think I may have to copy you! Hope you don't mind?! Thanks for sharing.

  2. SO cute Nat! Great job on keeping them simple too :) I like the addition of animal crackers as well!

  3. Super cute idea. Love ideas that unique, gender neutral, and candy free :)


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