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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Guys, this week has been a doozy. Over the weekend Blair had the stomach flu for the first time. Monday I took her in for a cough that just wouldn't go away and was told it was her asthma acting up. Tuesday I took her in to the doctor again because she developed a fever. Turns out she has a mild case of pneumonia. Mild or not, nobody wants that! :( Poor baby isn't sleeping AT ALL and coughs all night long. Which means Mommy and Daddy are zombies too. Reminds me of the good old infant days! All that to say I needed a hall pass on blogging thanks for understanding. :)

I mentioned earlier that I hit up HomeGoods with my Mom over the weekend. Here are my finds! Not including the two things M told me to take back because he could make them for me. :)

Some square wall art (actually from world market)

a jar for our utensils and butter

neutral placemats (target dishes)

a wire rack for the what to fill it with?

a wire basket for the dining table

a hand woven yarn pillow

times two!

a little silverware caddy for the bar cart

mason jar soap

an anthropologie-ish ceramic strawberry crate for M's stuff he usually throws on the island
 Some little items that make our house a home make me happy. :) Any ideas for what to put in the wire organizer in the office? A friend of mine suggested clip boards with some cute prints on them. I like that idea but I have two other spots to fill...what else? Besides the obvious...books.

Lately M and I have been OBSESSED with Fixer Upper on HGTV. I just love Joannna's farm house style. The way she brightens up spaces with so much white is beautiful to me. I'm trying to keep that in mind when shopping for things. Sometimes I find bright and funky things that I like but until we have another baby that will have to wait. I'm saving bright and funky for kids' rooms! The rest of the house I want to be calm and me. Ha. Ha. Ha.

Oh and today I have my BIG doctor's appointment to get a more detailed overview of what's up with my hormones. Lots of prayers please!


  1. Aww poor girl, hope she gets better soon.

  2. I looooove fixer upper too! Such a great show!

    I'll be praying for your appt!

  3. Love those additions! Very cute stuff and I love HomeGoods!

  4. Dang, you scored! Love the wire rack and your plates! Praying for your appointment and for B to feel better!! :)

  5. Poor B! Ethan has been super sick lately too! And I love Fixer Upper...Joanna has the best style!

  6. Prayers all the time friend!!! And poor Blair! I hope she starts feeling well. Infant like sleep without an infant totally sucks.

    I am loving all your picks! I have been on the search for some neutral placemats but don't want to spend a whole lot.

  7. Poor girl!! -- and poor mom & dad with no sleep :( Praying your appointment goes well. Love all the great finds from Home Goods!


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