Unicorn Costume Review

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Blair is being quite the diva this year for Halloween with a costume change. ;) Just Pretend Kids gave us a costume of our choice and I have to say this unicorn will take the cake on Halloween night. There's just something about a toddler in a head to toe costume complete with tail! I just die.

I just have to tell you that these pictures took some serious work to obtain! Blair's "no paparazzi" stance has really been cramping my style lately. So we told her that she could practice trick-or-treating Easter style by searching for M&M's on our front porch. She jumped at that opportunity but of course cried once she realized she had found them all. It wasn't a total win but it wasn't a total fail. I'll keep that move in my back pocket.

behind the scenes of our "photo shoot" ;)

poor thing. every time she bent over to get her candy the head fell over her face

I have no idea what to do with her curly mop in the back. Every time I put her in a low pony tail she reminds of George Washington. Suggestions?

The costume is awesome but since Blair has a pumpkin head larger-than-average head size we had to improvise and attach ribbon to it so we could tie it under her chin. We originally thought it was her hair but apparently she's just got a fat head. ;)

A feature of the costume that I love is that it came with snaps for toddlers who are still in diapers.  
Plus it had been cooling off here at night so this should be perfectly warm. What are your kiddos going to be for Halloween?


  1. So cute! Noah has a huge head so I know the problems it can cause! I'm always getting him many sizes bigger in hats and sometimes getting shirts over his head is a problem even! Happy halloween! Noah will be a firefighter this year :)

  2. You better link up tomorrow! This is too too cute!!!

  3. Cutest costume ever!! Our kiddos are Cruella Devile and a Dalmatian puppy!!

  4. Super cute! Sydney will be a bat fairy. Have you thought of trying a French braid?

  5. hahah - I'm sorry I was laughing at your description of the head flopping over when she picked up the candy! Blair - go on an be a diva! You are sooo cute! And the costume is brilliant! I actually really wanted Kaitlyn to be a unicorn last year, but found a pegasus in her size instead. Then I figured unicorn this year would be too similar - so maybe next year! And I'm totally pocketing your Easter egg candy hunt for paps purposes as well!

    xx Viv at JoieDeViv

  6. Do you still have the costume? Willing to sell?


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