Halloween Sugar Cookies

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Last night we were invited over to a friend's house to make some Halloween sugar cookies with Blair's friends. The girls loved "painting" their frosting on the cookies and adding sprinkles. I think we will definitely be doing this again come December...but probably at my house since the host will likely be cleaning up sprinkles till January. ;)

I was surprised how much the girls actually did in regards to the whole process. I thought for sure I would be doing most of the decorating but she was an avid participant! Really lights a fire under my tush to do things like this with her more often. Thanks again, Monica, for hosting us!


  1. I'm impressed by your decorating skills! Mine would look more like the kids' cookies!

  2. looks like so much fun and it looks like the girls had fun!! Hmm maybe I should do this with millie.

  3. Cuuute! Totally doing this with O asap! :)

  4. This sounds like such a fun idea! I'm putting it in my pocket for Christmas!!!!


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