Nat Your Average Hiker

Monday, October 6, 2014

If you follow me in Instagram you know that M and I made it to the top (along with our friends) of the highest mountain in the continental U.S.! M said I was "Nat your average hiker." ;) That guy. It definitely wasn't the scariest hike I've ever done but hiking for 12 hours will make anyone tired. We hiked a total of 22 miles in two days (11 uphill, 11 down) with backpacks. I was definitely whining the last six miles and discovered two fat blisters on my big toes once I took my boots off. Needless to say I have a whole new appreciation of my bed after sleeping on a one inch pad in 28 degree weather.

finally! somewhere in California that looks like fall!

don't worry, i wrote that with a stick ;)

on our way down the 99 switchbacks. literally.

freezing and on our way down the last six miles



have you ever seen a bluer sky?

at the top looking awkward with my arms down

never had a better view eating lunch!

Done and done! Glad to check that off my bucket list...I won't be doing it again. Next up...the Grand Canyon! I haven't hiked it yet and would like to. Actually, next I want to go to Europe but there's a bit of a difference in price with that trip versus backpacking. ;)


  1. SO much fun! I've only ever hiked some baby trails in the Seattle area, there really is much "hiking" around here, though some stuff not too far in North Eastern PA (NEPA), but no comparison to the stuff out west. Really cool, makes me jealous.

  2. We just passed Mt. Whitney on our way back up from So guys are amazing! I don't think I could or would ever do that! And the Grand Canyon is awesome...I've never hiked it, but my dad & brothers rafted the river and hiked out. Amazing!

  3. Where is this? Mt. Whitney? Yosemite? I feel like I should know my geography better. Oops! Congrats on a great hike!

    xx Viv at JoieDeViv

  4. That sounds awesome! Exactly the kind of thing my husband would want to do, and I'd totally go along, although I prefer pools and tropical drinks ;)


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