DIY Master Bath Cabinets

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Typically Blair sleeps 8-8 and it really is a glorious thing. However there are the occasional night time cry sessions that remind me of the days when she was a newborn and I was a zombie. Last night was one of those. She woke at 12:30 and M took care of that one. Then she was up at 6 and I stumbled into her bed.

Usually we try to creep out before daylight so she sleeps in but I couldn't escape quietly enough. If she wakes up in the morning and sees us play time is on. And don't get me wrong I love snuggling with her but not when it consists of feet in my face, legs over my torso, and a lot of open mouth breathing. So this morning I am tired. And she says to me (after she's been staring me down to see if I was awake) "Mom! Let's go downstairs and eat!" I open one eye and tell her in five minutes. She obliges but in a passive aggressive way by laying on top of me, kissing me, and laying her head on mine. Not so stealth, Blair. We were headed downstairs shortly after that. ;) Next thing...COFFEE!

All of that to say I got an early start on finishing up our cabinets...ta da! Just have to add some hardware and we're set (for now). Of course now that we've opened this can of worms I want to change out the faucets, lights, and exchange the huge standard mirror for two mirrors (one above each sink). All in good time. I'm happy to have the distraction for now. :)


and after!
i love how much brighter it makes our bathroom

I was going to change the pulls to a brushed bronze like we have in the kitchen but I actually like the brushed nickel and am going to change out the light fixtures to go with that. Have you started or finished any home projects lately?

This weekend M is going to tackle building us our very own farmhouse table! Yay! Restoration Hardware has some competition coming their way... ;)


  1. Oh my gosh, white looks so much better!!!

  2. The cabinets look fantastic!! So much more modern and fresh and bright!

  3. looks great! and 8-8?! sounds like a dream! There has been only one occasion where A slept past 7.

  4. The white paint looks fantastic! And I can so see Ethan pulling the same shenanigans once I'm able to crawl in bed with him. Oy!

  5. Isn't it incredibly how much better those cabinets look painted white!!? I love white kitchens and white bathrooms! Now I want to paint my master bath!!

  6. Looks great! I've been wanting to do this to our bathroom cabinets but have been to scared that I would somehow botch it.


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