One With Nature

Friday, October 3, 2014

This weekend M and I are going to Mt Whitney to "be one with nature" as my friend Brooke put it. :) Another couple friend is joining us and we are going to hike to the top...well that's the plan anyway. B is staying the weekend with my parents at the beach and I'm so thankful for the alone time M and I will have. Surely backpacking the great outdoors will be a good distraction from my everyday fixation of all things infertility. Plus I have a secret love of the astronaut food we eat. Mac n Cheese in a silver space bag? Yes please! Check out these other gnarly hikes M and I have done in the past here and here. And because I like to be cute even when I'm hiking...

all items via REI
And while we're away Blair will be driving herself to music class, Target (for a squeezie run), and the park. ;)
lately this is her favorite thing to do whenever we get home. Lord help us all...

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  1. Abigail is OBSESSED with playing in the car just like that. Thank goodness for smart phones ;)


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