Young House Love {bookshelf organization}

Thursday, July 10, 2014

I recently picked up this book from Target. I read it cover to cover twice on the flight from Oahu and loved it! The authors had SO many great ideas for simple (and not so simple) fixes to make your home more fabulous. 

I've been meaning to reorganize our bookshelves for a while and decided to copy how Young House Love styled theirs. 

Here is book shelf one before...

functional, but messy

unfunctional but beautiful!

adding a little blue pulls in the color that runs through our home

dried flowers bring the outside in

adding photo booth pics gives our shelves something unexpected

adding something i love (dogs) adds charm and dating our photo albums with matching washi tape makes me look organized!
I had a lot of fun redecorating this shelf and am in the process of finishing the other two. It makes the room look so much more put together. M isn't thrilled that he can't find any of his books anymore but let's be real...who has leisure reading time with a two year old who's potty training? Not us.

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  1. I love how the shelf looks now! We have the same shelf, but it is no longer "styled" because of Owen. It's really just screams "climb me and break all the stuff", doesn't it? Going to check that book out at the library sometime :)


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