Two and Five

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Blair sure had the time of her life while we were away in Zion. Come to find out she didn't even ask about us ONCE! C'mon, Blair, at least pretend you care that we left you for three days! Someone is growing up way too fast. I guess if I had to choose her being happy or sad while we're away I'm definitely choosing happy! B sure kept my parents busy with swimming in their hot tub, swimming at the neighbors house, flying around the house with her stroller, etc.

loving my mom's sunscreen application job here ;)

why is my two year old SO grown up?!

Come to find out B convinced Lala to take her to the car wash and Target. B milked it good and rode outta there with a milk from Starbucks and another baby. In case you didn't know B already owns a baby from Target. OG baby is beat. She never has clothes on and is dirty as hell. There is no better way to say it. Old baby's name is "Two" according to Blair. She is also two years old. Can you guess what new baby's name is?

Yup. "Five." Apparently Blair has a thing for numbers? Now not only do I have to drag blankie and "Two" with us wherever we go but "Five" as well. Thanks Lala (But in all seriousness thank you for watching her!).


  1. haha love it! If I ask A what a baby or toy's name is she just says Sissy.

  2. hahah! That is so cute about her babies' names! She's ahead of the trend! I bet someone will name their kids numbers soon enough!

    xx Viv at JoieDeViv


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