Can I Have S'More?

Thursday, July 17, 2014

We've been having great weather lately with warm (but not too hot) days and cool breezes at night. So last night I was on a mission to use our firepit and roast some 'mallows for S'Mores. I got skewers on the clearance rack at Target along with the other necessities and we were set! My brother and his gf joined in the fun along with our roomie, Sam, of course. :)

everyday is no pants day lately

oh my wrinkles...welcome to 30

M informed me that Blair's hair looks a little mullet-ish. ugh. i need more toddler hair inspiration that doesn't require a million of those tiny plastic hair ties.


sweet summertime
And if you follow me you know I successfully gave myself a shot of Menopur yesterday. Yay me! Grow, eggs, grow! :) Maybe that's why I wanted S'mores so badly yesterday. I deserved it!


  1. Those s'mores look delish. We need to make a fire in our put and roast some!! Been there with the clomid but haven't had to give myself a shot yet. My doc wants me to get another HSG were saving up for that. Good luck girl.

    1. oh man, good luck to you too! boy, do i have a whole new understanding of infertility now. oy. no fun at all.

  2. Aww, I don't think her cute curls could ever look mullet-like. I absolutely adore the gold headband she was wearing in the most recent post. Is it stretchy and where can I find them? Etsy? I need to keep Lynden's wild hair out of her eyes and alligator clips from Carter's are getting boring.

    1. i did get that gold stretchy head band on etsy! it's a shop called georgia and jane...cutest stuff ever!


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