Numero Uno and Numero Dos

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

In the midst of potty training I dropped the ball on this recipe swap. I had no time to make Channa's Trifle (which looked SO yummy!) but here is the link to her page so you can check it out!

Back to potty training. What a dookie doozy. Yesterday was our first official day and I think we went through about 4-5 pairs of princess panties and a few paper towels to soak up some pee pee accidents. Luckily we have a lot of tile and I hauled all of Blair's toys onto it. And finally at the end of the day she pooped! A 100% successful day if you ask me!

I read a ton of blogs via Pinterest on potty training and this is what we're doing...

-one M&M for every successful pee pee (that means no accidents on the way there)

-one small toy from the $1 bin at Target for each poo poo 

-tile and outdoor play only

-no clothes, just panties

-lots of positive reinforcement even when she has accidents 

-lots of ipad and movies...the girl can only sit without entertainment for so long

-diapers only at nap and bed time

And this is what we are NOT doing...

-no pull ups

-no using diapers for errands etc. there's no turning back!

I'll let you know how the last one goes after we attempt music class on Friday. I'm bringing a towel for her to sit on just in case. Insert nervous face here.

Here are some products we have really enjoyed so far...

Anyone else braving potty training lately? It's not for the faint of heart that's for sure!


  1. Good luck and sounds like you'll have it down in no time!

    xx Viv at JoieDeViv

  2. I'm planning on posting my progress report most likely next week, we'll be three weeks in tomorrow. All I can say is, stick with it for a few days if you do see progress, but at the same time know when to put the potty away and try again another time. I had a lot of friends not be successful the first time out and I was actually expecting the same here, but it clicked. My biggest fear was pushing too hard and it back firing. Such a fine line to read, I was second guessing myself over and over, but it's you who knows your child best!

  3. Great to read your update on potty training. We're thinking of starting potty training this weekend, but I will probably chicken out and feel up prepared. Still like hearing how other people are going about it though!

  4. How old is your little babe. Mine is 18mo and I'm nervous that it may be too early.. but we are going to try! Fingers crossed. Loved reading this!

  5. I'm so glad I have you to see how to do all of these things in the future! And what ADORABLE pictures!

  6. Thanks for sharing - I'm so nervous to take the plunge, but #2 (baby, not poo) :) is on the way and it would be great to get this accomplished. Please share how errands/being out and about works, that's what I'm most nervous for.. Sounds like you guys are on the right track, way to go!! :)

  7. Yay for her! I'm a therapist for children with autism and train parents on how to potty train to their child. You're doing everything we would recommend so kudos to you for doing your research:) Good luck!


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