Weekend Happenings

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Tis the season to attend showers! I attended one wedding and one baby shower this weekend along with a craft night (I made this!). It was busy but all good things. Blair finished her swim lessons and now we have a lot more flexibility with our days. Which probably just means we will be swimming in our own pool all day. 

typical... refusing to look at the camera (ps that is a 12-18 month swim suit!)

practicing her kicks with daddy (and her bff charlotte!)

Last week I also had the pleasure of "styling" some new outdoor furniture that my parents bought. I basically gave my mom some ideas on what to buy when at HomeGoods and then we had a playdate that included Blair and her potty on the patio. Just keeping it real and classy! Here's what we came up with...

waiting for plants for the wicker planters

trying to decide what to write on her chalkboard

gotta have dog treats!

the blanket in the basket is for the cool summer riverside nights. ha. ha. ha.

loving their new concrete table too!

keeping it rustic and personal since my dad owns a chicken feed business. bach. bach.
What do you think? I'm pretty gaga about her choices in furniture and she's waited a long time to get something she loves after years of hand-me-downs. I approve, Mom!

Infertility Update* Been taking Clomid for three days now. No apparent side effects yet. On Wednesday I give myself a shot of other hormones. Thank you for all your well wishes, encouragement, and advice!


  1. Love the table and outdoor accessories, wish we could a space like that, but the climate definitely doesn't agree with nice things staying outside :( definitely jealous! And A is wearing all her 12-18 suits from last year too, i still have the tags on some i bought for this year!

  2. I love what you did with your mom's hutch! So cute! I wonder where you could find some kind of gardeny phrase? Maybe even just a list of garden herbs?

  3. The cart styling is perfection...you've got a great eye!

  4. "Bloom where you are planted"

    Love the concrete table!!

  5. Is that bottom basket that is partially white from Home Goods? I love it and have been looking for something similar to it for our nursery. Something I don;t have to pay crazy shipping for!

    1. no, it's from target. the threshold brand. hope you can find it for your nursery!

    2. Ahh! Dang I went on the hunt for it yesterday but couldn't find it. It is older? I like how rigid it is, perfect for hiding some unsightly toys! Couldn't find it online either. Thanks lady!

  6. That garden table is so cute! Love the "styling!"

    xx Viv at JoieDeViv


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