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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

It seems like we're always in a time crunch to get dinner on the table. Either Blair is hungry or I'm whining about starving to death. M does all our cooking (I know, I suck as a SAHM) and I'm in charge of telling him what the menu is. We eat really healthy (I think) which is one reason I like Fresh and Easy so much. They offer many of the same organic products that I see at other health food stores for less. And they are located in CA, NV, and AZ.

The other day when we went to Fresh and Easy I found awesome healthy products that could be put together quickly...score! Here is what we came up with...

checking out my options (bag from FP)

This rice is SO flavorful!

so easy

heat it up and be done

perfectly marinated and ready to grill

the kid loves corn (corn? when did I eat corn?)

And salad believe it or not!
Our meal was delicious, healthy, fast, and easy. And whatever passes the toddler's lips these days (that's NOT mac n cheese) is a real success in my book. It doesn't matter that half the time she sucks the dressing off the salad and then takes the leaf out of her mouth and returns it to the plate. She'll get there one day. ;) 

Go HERE for all our ingredients

This post was sponsored by Fresh and Easy. Check to see where the closest store it to you in CA, NV, and AZ! 

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  1. We but the seeds of change quinoa from Costco (in PA) in bulk bc it's so good. Can't believe B eats salad! And love your FP bag, it's already on my Xmas list lol

  2. Love Fresh and Easy! There's one just down the street and I'm a regular shopper! I wish they hadn't just raised all their prices :(

    XO Kelly


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