Resurrection Eggs

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Lately I've been scouring the Pinterest boards for some "Jesus inspired" crafts for B and I to do during this week and on Easter. I'm down with the Easter bunny but I also want to teach her the true meaning behind Easter and that there's more to it than Peeps (although I love 'em), Starburst Jelly Beans (yummm), and trampling over your sibling to get that golden egg. ;)

I found many versions of "Resurrection Eggs" with some more elaborate than others. This year I decided to go simple and use the clip art version. Next year I may get more crafty and put objects in each egg to represent each part of the Easter story. This one here is fool proof and I copied it word for word. It even breaks down the story for you...winning!

I plan on helping Blair with her Easter egg hunt and then sitting down and talking about each picture. She already busted into the eggs (that I carelessly left unattended) so she might have a heads up on what I'm going to tell her. ;)

This was quite possibly the easiest DIY ever. I bought the eggs at Target for 89 cents (per bag of 12) and then sharpied the numbers on top. I printed and cut out the little pictures and Bible story and voila! The Easter bunny and Jesus collide! ;)

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  1. I just started going to MOPs at my church and these eggs were our craft/activity a couple of weeks ago. I had never heard of them before but I think they are so great!!!!!! The ones we made were very detailed - I like how you were able to find ones that were more age appropriate for Blair!!! Thank you so much for sharing!


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