How to Wear {black and white patterned blouse}

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Yes, I'm that mom. Before you read today's post go here and vote for Blair. :) 

I recently bought this simple black and white patterned tank (for 1/2 off!) and am in love with it. The fit is so forgiving and it goes with everything! Check out all the ways I'm excited to wear it this spring/summer...

white pants

black maxi

jean short cut offs (with a front tuck...eeek!)

green boyfriend trousers

boyfriend jeans (and another front tuck...i'm so brave!)

cargo skirt for all you teachers

print on print for you adventurous ladies
There you have it! Black and white printed tops are easy to find and don't go out of style. I like this one and this one. Oh and if you happened to miss this little gem from yesterday's instagram feed...

Blair has really been into chapstick lately. She got some in her Easter basket that didn't have any color to it but found the ones stashed in my purse that do. She loves them. I'm sure once I discover it on the walls or other places I will instantly regret this. But for now she's getting her daily serving of fruit from eating all the chapstick. Just kidding. She actually knows not to eat it. ;) For the record this is my favorite kind.


  1. Haha I can't put on Chapstick without A asking for "shum"

  2. Oh my those last two pics are so so so cute!!! I am loving the front tuck!!!

  3. Great ideas, I never would've thought to pair it with the black/white polka dot skirt, but that's a really cute combo!

    The Joni Journey

  4. The front tuck is the way to go! I do it all the's very flattering and adds dimension to your outfit. Good job :)


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