DIY Easter Tree

Monday, April 14, 2014

Happy Monday, babes! We had a SUPER productive weekend around home which is the best kind of weekend in my opinion. :) Unfortunately B and I both got sick (her with double pink eye and an ear infection, me with a scratchy throat) but we are on the mend! I wanted to introduce someone new to you below and I hope you enjoy her festive-ness as much as I did. I'll catch up with you tomorrow!

Hi there!

My name is Katie and I am the girl behind SugarKane&Co over at, I am 23 years young, live in the bay area of California and am married to my super awesome husband Mike. Together we have two Boston Terriers named Sugar and Kane. My husband just recently seperated from the Air Force and after living in Cheyenne, Wyoming and Las Vegas, Nevada for a few years, we are definitely happy to be home. We love where we live and go on as many adventures as possible! I love holidays, parties, decorating and just adding fun little touches on life that make things extra special. I am a very visual person and being able to document my little family as well as all of my other loves is just so exciting and I hope you think so too!

I am a huge fan of Nat Your Average Girl and am so thankful for her featuring me! This is one of my most recent posts. Check out my Easter tree!

I thought it would be a fun but simple way to bring some easter flare to my desk! The moss and branches are from Michaels and the felt easter egg ornaments are from Target. It was super easy and fun!

Thank you so much for reading a little about us and I hope to see you soon over at SugarKane&Co!

Much Love and slobbery kisses,

Katie, Sugar & Kane


  1. What a cute idea!! I'll definitely have to remember this for next year!

  2. Natasha, I am so glad you like it! I hope you follow and see what else I have got to offer, and check out the give away I have going on right now for an Etsy gift card!


  3. I always love seeing other peoples every season trees!! I love them so much I have two!!!

  4. Adorable! Hope you and B feel better soon!


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