Diamond Shape Style Challenge {cushion cut}

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

My friends over at Brilliant Earth have given me the opportunity to share my favorite engagement ring style from a fashion perspective. I love what their company stands for: conflict free diamonds from Canada made with recycled gold. Good for your conscious...and the environment! After browsing all of their options I choose them gem below...

rose gold felicity diamond {cushion cut}
Are you as in love with rose gold as I am lately? I have several rose gold pieces in my jewelry box. I love the cushion style cut because I think it creates the most sparkle...and who doesn't love that?! If it were my ten year anniversary I'd be dragging my hubby down to their store to put this bad boy on my finger! But alas...we're only at 7 years. Three more years to save up honey! ;)

I thought it would be fun to create a style board featuring this ring below. If I could was forced to get married again here is the theme I would go with:

I love the softness of peach and the timeless neutrality of gray. Throw in a little blush and you've got yourself one stunning look! If they made rose gold shoes and silverware I'd be all over it but not everyone has caught onto the trend yet. It's ok, I forgive you. ;) I'm obsessed with lace, open back dresses that have a vintage feel. They are so feminine and graceful. Naked cakes are in right now and I like how "homemade" they feel versus "overdone."

{bridesmaid gown}


  1. Peach and gray is a gorgeous combo! Since it's a pretend wedding, be sure to invite me too ;) love all of your picks!

  2. This is beautiful! I would choose this exact same idea if I had to redo it again too!

  3. Beautiful mood board! I love rose gold as well!

  4. Yes. I love this! I know that if I were going to have another wedding it would be completely different from the one I actually had! I am way more into the vintage style now and loving the rose gold trend!



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