Farmer Blair

Friday, April 4, 2014

Last Friday we headed over to our friend's house for dinner and visited with their chickens before we ate them (kidding!). They got this rad chicken coop at Sam's Club and are planning to have lots of fresh eggs at their fingertips. If we had more space (and time) I would so be down for this! Blair was fearless with the chickens and liked feeding them bread when she wasn't eating it herself. ;)

isn't their mini garden cute too!?

 I'm glad our friends have chickens so we can come over and feed them and they can clean up all their poop on a daily basis. ;)

Earlier that day we hit up the park with Blair's friend, Ande. How cute are these two munchkins? They held hands down the slide together. Presh.

Have a happy weekend friends! We will be painting that island and hoping to have it done asap. Winner of the bunny garland contest will be announced here tomorrow!


  1. Wow how fun! I could never have chickens, but I hear they're actually easy to care for.

  2. That coop is so preshy! I feel like you could retrofit it to be a playhouse!

  3. That coop is amazing! I love it! It looks like it was a fun evening for sure!!

  4. This is an ideal coop and garden they have going on. kids and chickens are a fun combination. the chickens are almost as fearless as the kid

  5. How precious. I too would have a chicken coop as the fresh eggs are the BEST!

  6. Look at how adorable Blair looks!!! Her sweet little curls. I'm swooning.

  7. What color did you decide on the island?! Can't wait to see it!

    1. we decided on white...and we have A LOT of work to do this weekend...aka we haven't even started yet :(

  8. We have chickens at our farm and they are the favorite attraction of all the littles that visit. We also have goats and a mini-horse, but the chickens are the favorite!! Ellie always laughs when we take her out there for a visit in the back yard. But yes cleaning up after them is my least favorite chore!

  9. Ah! I cannot get enough of Blair's curls! And that chicken coop is so cute (if that's possible?) - makes me want one! Without the noise and mess that is! ;)

    xx Viv @


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