Tuesday, November 26, 2013

When I was growing up my Grandma gave us an ornament each year from the Hallmark store. I LOVED opening my new ornament every Christmas and finding a special spot on the tree for it. Now that I am a big girl I still enjoy the memories that the ornaments hold and want to have the same tradition with B. So, this will be her third ornament (last year was her 1st, and the year before that I bought her one when I was prego!). This year I let her pick out her own and she chose a horse (not pictured) but I know that Lala did some damage at Hallmark as well. These are the ones that I have my eye on...

she adores her mini kitchen

"sinweryella" as B calls her

if she could be carted around in a wagon all day she would

coloring is her new found addiction. purple is her color of choice.

Lala may have gotten her this for Christmas

this isn't the horse she chose but the girl is obsessed

"house" as she calls it. the girl loves it.

we love reading this book. M got it for me when we were dating. :)

Yesterday M and I got our Christmas card pictures taken and I am thrilled to say that B was SO good! She was full of giggles and smiles and I can't WAIT to see the images. Here is one I snapped of my two cuties on my phone...

on the way there she was all smiles

and couldn't get enough of daddy's jokes!
Today I am frantically getting ready for Thanksgiving and finally getting around to my tablescape..OY!


  1. Cute! I collected the Victorian houses from hallmark each year, they started the year I was born ('83) and I must have at least 16 sitting in my basement lol. Actually when I pulled out our stuff this wkd I found the one tub of hallmark stuff I kept will have IG you a pic ;)

  2. I love the intricate little details that are on some of the Hallmark ornaments! What a cute tradition to keep alive with B!

  3. We do the ornament tradition every year too!


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