Holiday Playroom

Thursday, November 14, 2013

I've already been trying really hard to make fall happen and that hasn't worked yet so I've moved onto bigger and better things: Christmas! Yesterday during nap time I began making some Christmas garland for the playroom. Forty five minutes later Blair was assisting me since she woke early from her nap. :( Bah humbug. I decorated her play room while she ran around like a reindeer who has had too much eggnog.

chalkboard print by Little Baby Garvin (copied horribly by me) get it here!

Christmas books!

this is about 1/5 of my collection...

reading with Dada

checking out her new digs
 I loooooove reading books with Blair and even more so Christmas books! I can't wait till THIS BOOK comes in the mail. She's gonna love it!

Yesterday I had the joy of going to breakfast with some of my favorite mommy friends and their littles. My little one decided to pour syrup down the front of her silver sweater and ivory skirt. Lucky for me it came out with the swipe of a baby wipe.

And a big happy 30th birthday to my BFF, Kelly! I love you!


  1. How fun!!! I'm going to decorate O's room this year and I can't wait to get started!

  2. Loving the decorations!! So cute and festive!

  3. Love the decor! I just rearranged the living room and have a perfect spot for a teepee! What are the directions that Matt used to make it? Are they in a blog post?

  4. How do you make the garland? Can you do a tutorial :)

  5. So cute! Can you tell me where you got the teepee?

    1. we made it! check out the link:


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