Like This

Monday, November 25, 2013

Our weekend started like this since it was raining...

morning snuggles on the couch with MM like this

one of us looks better sans make-up than the other...

friday night date night like this. say sushi!

date night ended like this. she was unsuccessful but not for lack of effort!

drooled over this tray while at target.

enjoyed the sunset on the way to my sleepover with B at my parents' house

smiled every time i saw these guys staring back at me (basket from target)

thought whoever dreampt this lil number up is a genius

crafted a card likethisfast and left it on a friend's door knob. ho ho ho!
 How did your weekend go? Have you started your Thanksgiving preparations? No? Good. Then we are in the same boat. Oy. Off to work on my tablescape stat!!!

PS there is still time to enter this giveaway!

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