20 Months

Monday, November 11, 2013

I'm a little late on Blair's 20 month update (November 4) but better than never! This little girl challenges me more and more each day but she also finds ways to melt my heart. I'm amazed at how much she is talking and learning now but I still can't help but call her "the baby." She will always be my baby and I'm cherishing every moment with her!

She still digs watching the ipad, especially videos of herself (somethings she did inherit from her Mama!). However sometimes she requests "dogs swimming," "dogs doing tricks," "horses," "House" (Mickey Mouse clubhouse), and "babies swimming." Clearly she has an infatuation with dogs and pools. She cracks me up.

She's a TOTAL Mama's girl lately too. I mean I think she hurts M's feelings sometimes. And trust me when I say I wish it were a little more even. I love the girl but even I need a break! :)

We've started putting her to work by helping with chores. Hey, a girl's gotta earn her keep! She feeds the dog, takes her diapers to the trash, picks up her toys, dusts, wipes spills etc. If only these chores didn't take 5 times as long as they should...

You would think that she has older brothers with how tough she is when it comes to getting hurt. Poor thing tripped and hit the corner of the coffee table with her eye and has been looking like a WWF fighter for the last two days. She sliced her eye lid open but after about 1 minute of crying decided she was over it and went back to playing. She doesn't get this from me. Hellloooo epidural!

And last night at church we caught her going down the stairs...unassisted! Without holding on to the railing! Like woah who is this kid?! Growing up faster than I can say "let's have another baby!" ;)

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  1. I can't believe she's 20 whole months!! Time is just flying by!! xo


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